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Making the leap into private practice can be scary, exciting, and extremely overwhelming!

In 2016, Alexandra and Stephanie founded Vancouver Dietitians after working clinically in inpatient and outpatient settings. Since then, they have learned a LOT about private practice, running a business, marketing, and becoming a trusted source of client-centered care.   

Whether you are brand new to private practice and don't know where to start, or you have an existing practice but are struggling to find your groove - we can help you launch your practice! 

Build the business of your dreams...

Running a business has its challenges! And you don't have to navigate it alone. Alexandra and Stephanie have 8 years of experience running a successful private practice, and they are here to help you build the business of your dreams. Whether you want to focus on one-one-one client consulting, group workshops, running a profitable social media with brand deals, writing blogs, or doing media appearances, they will help you reach your goals by helping you create an actionable plan for success. 

Here are some examples of things you can discuss in your Mentorship Call:

  • I have a website, now what?!

  • When to find your niche vs. keeping your practice general

  • Getting new clients & keeping existing clients

  • Building referral streams 

  • How to stand out in the industry 

  • Opening your own in-person space 

  • Building a virtual practice

  • Marketing - what actually works?

  • How to build a social media presence 

  • Securing brand deals 

  • Financials (expenses & income) 

  • Splits when working in another office

  • Feeling confident in your practice

Alexandra Inman Registered Dietitian
Stephanie Dang Registered Dietitian
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30 Minute Consult

This session is great if you have some basic questions around private practice, or if you have one topic you would like to go more in depth.

You should walk away with some new ideas to help you launch your practice. 


60 Minute Consult

Let's create an actionable plan for your dream business!

We can go in depth on 2-3 topics, while also having time for your questions. You should walk away with a clear vision of what your next steps will be to reach your goals.  


Long-Term Mentorship

Feel like you need more than one hour to go through multiple different topics? Need to bounce ideas off us, and really dive into the nitty gritty of your business? We also offer long-term mentorship - email us for details! 

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