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...our discussions about nutrition have really helped to clarify my understanding of eating in a balanced way. It was great working with Stephanie and I feel confident that I'll be able to stick to this plan to achieve my goals.

Vancouver Registered Dietitian Alexandra Inman


I lost 15 lbs and got my sugar level [Hgb A1c] down to 6.1 from 7.4 in about a two month period. Felt my energy level significantly go up. I like that Alex kept me on track without trying to do it all at once. Helped avoid crashing and burning.


Steph, I just wanted to tell you how great it was to go home for the holidays without any intentions or stress regarding food or exercise. I took to heart what you said about enjoying those moments with family and I didn't second guess or regret anything. Instead, I was able to have fun and know that I could just get back to my routine after a well deserved break. This is a first for me and you were instrumental in getting there. Thank you!


Alex is great! Alex passed on lots of tasty though healthier eating ideas that are realistic and now I feel better as far as energy and sleeping goes. She's very resourceful and we know a lot more and what to look out for when shopping or eating out. All in all I would recommend her expertise.


Weight cutting has never been something I've looked forward to no matter what sport I was competing in. After the last time, I decided to get serious about my nutrition and it's probably the best decision I've made. Nutrition is everything for combat athletes and Stephanie's firm understanding of this makes working with her a breeze. I've never felt this amazing during a weight cut. Simple, effective and efficient. Highly recommended.


I wanted to share the good news that my cholesterol is back to normal safe ranges! And we now need to decrease the amount of levothryoxine that I take!

THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX!!! for teaching me the body positive way and for helping get off the diet culture wagon. Some days are still hard, but I am excited to be able to enjoy life and my body while reconnecting to my body signals. It has been really challenging, and I couldn't have been possible with your guidance!

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