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11 Benefits of Physical Activity that Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

We often hear "weight loss" as a primary reason to exercise. However, we often forget that exercise has many other health benefits, irrespective of weight. Seeing results in the gym doesn't just mean physical results, it can also mean improved mental, emotional, and digestive health!

Here are 11 health benefits of exercise:

  1. Improved mood

  2. Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression

  3. Increases self-esteem and confidence

  4. Improves sleep

  5. Enhances sex life (for both men and women)

  6. Improves cognitive function

  7. Increases muscle mass and strength

  8. Maintains bone health

  9. Improves balance and flexibility

  10. Prevents or manages chronic diseases, such as: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia

  11. Improves digestive health

The key to unlocking these potential benefits of exercise is to choose physical activity that you actually enjoy! This makes exercise easier to begin, and also increases the likelihood that you will stick with it. Try a group fitness class, dance class, or pick activities you can do with friends and family - such as bike riding, swimming, skating, or try a team sport, such as basketball or soccer.

Home exercises can also be helpful if you're short on time, don't have access to a gym, or don't have available childcare.